FIVE FOR FIVES | ASK A PARTNER – Lone Mountain Printing Inc


Meet Colin Shane from High Fives Five for Fives Partner Lone Mountain Printing Inc!

For those readers out there not familiar with you and LMP, can you give them a quick overview of what it is that you do?

CS: Lone Mountain Printing is a custom apparel company. LMP owns a state of the art screen printing facility in Bozeman, MT. We complete 20,000 prints per month for client all across the country and some international clients.

How did you get involved with the High Fives Foundation? 

CS: A very random and interesting cold call 3 years ago.


How does your company support High Fives? 

CS: We support High Fives through the Five of Fives program. 5% of orders over $500 goes to help High Fives every quarter.

What is your favorite High Fives Memory?

CS: All of the amazing shirts we get to print every year for High Fives and then seeing them everywhere.

What does High Fives mean to you?

CS: It means helping those where others do not. It is great to see High Fives help athletes get their training and help them adjust to life after injury.


THE CALL OUT! What other company do you think should get involved with the Five for Fives program?

CS: I think everyone should get involved! I call out all businesses.

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