Meet Wes King from High Fives Five for Fives Partner Tahoe Trail Bar!

For those readers out there not familiar with you and Tahoe Trail Bar, can you give them a quick overview of what it is that you do?

WK: The Tahoe Trail Bar connects people with the outdoors by providing great tasting fuel! Our company started in a coffee shop on the south shore of Lake Tahoe in 1995 and we have been pursuing our passion ever since. We have 3 flavors, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Mango Coconut, and Dark Chocolate Cherry. You can learn more about us at

How did you get involved with the High Fives Foundation? 

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WK: We got involved with the High Fives foundation because we believe in the mission of offering help to those who are facing adversity. We also share a desire to give back to the community and we are constantly inspired by the way High Fives pushes to give more. This should be an example for all of us!

How does your company support High Fives? 

WK: The Tahoe Trail Bar supports High Fives by donating .05 of every bar sold on sale in Whole Foods Markets, and we also make product contributions to the camps throughout the year.

What does High Fives mean to you?

WK: High Fives means hope to us. We are endlessly inspired by the way this organization can turn adversity into opportunity for so many injured athletes.


Tahoe Trail Bar is a camp favorite, tell us what your favorite High Fives Camp is and WHY?

WK: We love being involved with the surf camps because the ocean is such a powerful force, and the participants get to truly feel the challenge of getting out in the wild and unpredictable open space of the water. It pushes the envelope of what is possible and shows us all how to strive for something higher. Surfing is also a high intensity activity and we love providing the fuel to power on in this type of exertion!

THE CALL OUT! What other company do you think should get involved with the Five for Fives program?

WK: I think Coalition Snow should get involved with High Fives!

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