On Thursday, March 2nd, FiveForFives partner, Phunkshun Wear won the ‘Top Designed Goods’ Award at the 5th Annual Made in Colorado Manufacturing Forum 2017

They were again recognized as one of the Top 250 Colorado Manufacturers for a fifth year in a row. The Annual ColoradoBiz magazine Made in Colorado Manufacturing Forum is filled with exhibit booths from manufacturing companies statewide as well as lots of food, drink, awesome keynote speakers and awards!

Phunkshun Wear’s Chief Executive Officer, Jay Badgley, speaks on the award below…


“To say I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished would be an obvious understatement, and we certainly couldn’t do it without the amazing staff that works at Phunkshun Wear. Not only do our employees turn out top quality products, but they continually challenge us. We encourage employees to speak up and indicate areas for improvement, regardless of their position and title. Every voice is heard, and that’s important because employees are people that need to feel valued, and valued they are at Phunkshun Wear.

This award validates our core company value of quality, and confirms that message is being received loud and clear. Being Made in the USA is critically important to us as well, but ultimately if you’re making junk then a USA-made product is NOT a good product. Quality is pivotal, and really starting to catch on. Josh Walker knows what i’m talking about, his company 1620 Workwear recognizes the importance of quality in USA-crafted products. Check them out, you’ll be impressed.

The Finnish Proverb “Poor People Cannot Afford Cheap Things” says it all quite eloquently. We need to design products with integrity. We need to build brand loyalty through quality and reliability, not discounted prices achieved through inferior product manufacturing. In a race to the bottom, we all lose. Why doesn’t Phunkshun Wear e-mail out discount codes? Why do we maintain full MSRP on our website year-round? Because we Value Our Employees, and by devaluing our products, we’re ultimately devaluing them. Imagine seeing your hard work ‘on sale’ every time you visit the website of the company you work for, or constantly seeing a coupon code on Facebook? You wouldn’t feel very valued.

JW Marriott believed in taking care of his employees, “If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself.” Thank you to all Phunkshun Wear employees past, present, and future. Every one of you has contributed to our success and we couldn’t have done it without you!

And lastly, Thank you ColoradoBiz Magazine for this award!” – Jay Badgley


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