Galen and Shayla Gifford Recognized with Community Five Award

2014 Community Five Award Recipient: Galen and Shayla Gifford

The High Fives Non-Profit Foundation emphasizes a strong sense of community through its continued effort to realize its vision of becoming the safety net for the winter action sports community. Beginning in April 2014, the Foundation will annually recognize five shining examples of community leaders with the Community Five Award.

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Roy Tuscany has witnessed firsthand how important a community can be in the recovery process from a life-altering injury. Since his skiing accident in 2006, Tuscany has enjoyed seeing the greater Lake Tahoe area come together as a tight-knit collective of families, business and philanthropically minded residents. It is with the ever-increasing reach of the High Fives Foundation that the time has come to recognize five distinguished members of the greater Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada community for their efforts to increase the overall well being of everyone around them.

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014 the High Fives Foundation hosted The Biggest Little High Five Gala at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, NV. With a packed venue of 180 distinguished guests, the High Fives Foundation showcased the power of positivity and perseverance with highlighted stories and videos from High Fives Athletes as well as support from notable contributing partners such as SpineNevada (a regional center of excellence for back and neck conditions based in Reno, NV). To cap this wonderful evening of giving, the High Fives Foundation’s Roy Tuscany announced five special recipients to receive a Community Five Award — The first of its kind to come from the Foundation; the Community Five Award recognizes those that embody the ideals of community in the context of growth and positivity.

2014 Community Five Award Recipients, Shayla and Galen Gifford with Daughters Gwennyth and Gemma (Photo Courtesy: Gifford Family)

Galen and Shayla Gifford – Reno, NV | Tahoe City, CA
The CEO of bigtruck brand, Galen Gifford has developed a hobby project into a full-blown career, manufacturing unique hats that emphasize fun and philanthropy. Upon bigtruck brand’s rise in the headwear world, Galen immediately made sure that a partnership and bond was formed with the High Fives Foundation. Be it hosting sew-on-site sessions at marquee fundraisers, producing in-line co-branded hats or donating $.05 for every hat sold online, Galen has seen to it that his passion has mirrored the philanthropic endeavors of the High Fives Foundation. A senior mortgage officer at Guild Mortgage Co. in Reno, NV with over 10 years experience,

Shayla is a driven professional that sees to it that deadlines are met and customers are beyond happy with results. When she’s not passionately working on her clients’ mortgages, you will often find Shayla immersed in the outdoors or helping her community thrive. Her expertise lends itself well to her logistical support of every project she takes on, including that of helping the High Fives Foundation continue to grow. Husband and wife, Galen and Shayla Gifford are a dynamic duo who cares deeply for their community. This is shown time and time again by the support and guidance they both give to the High Fives Foundation and many other facets of life in the Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV areas.

It is with this, that High Fives Foundation is proud to recognize Galen & Shayla Gifford as recipients of the 2014 Community Five Award!

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