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After the Accident Your Journey is Just Beginning

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Brain injury accidents are one of the most sobering accidents a person can be involved in. We are deeply moved by the plights of those individuals and their families who have been involved in these situations, but we have also seen great strength and hope as we have worked with them. After some time, we have realized where their strength and their hope comes from: peace of mind and the tenacity to overcome an injury they won’t let define them.

Many feel that a brain injury is the end of the line, but for those who are willing to overcome it, no matter how arduous the process may be, the journey to experience a fulfilling and happy life is only just beginning. As attorneys, we don’t pretend to know all the things you should do to be fully restored to health, but we have learned through our own experiences that there are fundamental keys to healing for anyone who has experienced a traumatic brain injury. Though there are myriad things you can and should do to recover, following these basic guidelines for dealing with a traumatic brain injury will help you find strength and purpose as you make your way through the healing process.

Surround Yourself With Positive Support and Reaffirmation

A person’s greatest capacity to heal after a severe brain injury lies in his or her ability to experience happiness in the midst of so much physical and emotional pain. Those who most successfully overcome brain injuries harvest happiness in their lives any way they can. This comes first and foremost by surrounding themselves with supportive family members and friends while ridding themselves of negative forces – those influences that engender pain, anger, or sadness. They watch and listen to inspiring movies and music and work to find simple joys in the world around them.

This is one of the reasons the High Five Foundation is such an amazing resource to people who have been afflicted with brain injury: they offer moral support that can supplement the strength a brain injury victim needs while empowering him or her to reach new heights. If you have experienced a traumatic brain accident, try to find moments of light in your life that will pierce through the dark clouds that always seen to accompany the injury. Focusing on positive aspects of life will help you find the courage you need to heal.

Accept the Situation and Make Goals

There is no going back after sustaining a brain injury, but there is always going forward. This is probably harder to do than the first step, but accepting that we can’t change the past helps us to embrace the future more fully. When you are in a position to recognize your brain injury as just another obstacle to overcome in life, you will see the future as an opportunity to push forward and a new hope will come into your life.

If you don’t feel like you are at a point of acceptance, that’s okay. Give it time. You can get there by setting manageable goals for yourself. They can be easier daily goals like, “Today, I am going to laugh,” or longer goals such as, “I am going to get back on that mountain again and do it right this time.” If you start setting goals for improvement, your entire healing experience will be expedited and you will feel empowered to do more than you ever thought you were capable of achieving.

Don’t Push Too Hard

When it comes to experiencing a brain injury, there are usually two extremes that people gravitate toward: either giving up hope completely or trying to do more than they are capable of at the present time. It is important to do everything you can to heal, but with that also comes rest. You are not a failure when you don’t have the energy or even if you were unable to achieve a goal for the day. Take the time you need to recover. It will prevent further injury and help you build the stamina you will need to keep pressing on.

Consider Look for Legal Assistance

You shouldn’t have to worry about doctor’s bills or medical expenses while you are healing. Though not every brain injury case will result in litigation, an attorney experienced with brain injury cases may have the ability to help you and your family alleviate financial pressures associated with your accident. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to consider legal options, either. Injury lawyers are dedicated to you helping you and want what is best for you so you can heal as quickly as possible without the added stress and pressures of financial burden.

Your Journey Starts Now

Whether you have been coping with a brain injury for a while or are just starting to recover, it is never too late to start applying these fundamental healing steps in your life. As you go through this journey, hope and healing can start now, and we wish you the best in your endeavors.

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