Happy Birthday to Grant Korgan!

Happy Birthday to High Fives Athlete Grant Korgan! (Photo Courtesy: Shawna Korgan)

Happy Birthday to the One and Only Grant Korgan!

High Fives Athlete and tremendous supporter of the Foundation, Grant Korgan is currently working on his recovery with the amazing folks a Body Wellness Hawaii. Today marks Grant’s 37th birthday and the High Fives Foundation couldn’t be more proud of all of the amazing things that he has done in such a short time on this planet.

Grant’s words:
“HUGE thanks to the High Fives Foundation for supporting my ongoing SCI recovery dreams and goals! We are making MASSIVE gains on the daily, and it’s because of the Foundation and the superheroes who donate to the Foundation, I am able to do 2+ hours of therapy (6 days/week) with Alejandra Monsalve  (of Body Wellness Hawaii) and Shawna Korgan!”

Grant’s Maui Therapy Update:
– Year One: Went from crutches to canes
– Year Two: Went from wobbling in the canes to walking with force
– Year Three: New muscles found – movement and feeling beginning in my gluts and hamstrings!
– Current Goal: Walk unassisted!

Learn more about High Fives Athlete, Grant Korgan via his Winter Empowerment page.

photo 4
Grant Working with Alejandra Monsalve in Hawaii (Photo Credit: Shawna Korgan)
Grant Caching a Wave in Hawaii on His Wave-Ski (Photo Credit: Grant Korgan)

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