High Five Athletes Belt Goals

With each new grant cycle, we find ourselves looking back at past goals that Athletes had set and get an incredibly proud feeling. Athletes tend to set goals for themselves that are far from easy, but they rise to the occasion. They should feel very proud of the goals they set and were able to accomplish. We give them the platform to write down their goal. Other than that, it is almost exclusively on them to complete the goal.


We wanted to highlight the individuals who were able to conquer their challenges and complete their most recent belt goals. Although every single goal is incredibly important to us, we felt these three goals deserved more explanation and context.

Name: Patrick Brown

Goal: Become an adaptive PSIA a certified instructor.

Completion Date: March 6th 2022


Getting my PSIA level 1 Adaptive Certification is not only about my independence but also about being able to give that independence to others. And hopefully, I am able to pass on the passion and enthusiasm I have for skiing not only to my students but to everyone I shred with.

Patrick Brown
Tony Drees

Name: Anthony Drees

Goal: Complete self sufficiency on skies in any conditions.

Completion Date: Winter 2022


Completing this goal means regardless of my mobility challenges, I can still find that flow state. Skiing my Love Language 💯

Name: Steven Jacobo

Goal: My goal for this upcoming Parabobsled season is to place in the top 3 during one of the World Cup races.

– 2nd place Lake Placid Para Bobsled

-5th place world ranking

Steven Jacobo

Every completed and uncompleted goal is important to us. Below are all goals recently completed by Athletes.

Way to go Athletes!

Sam Scribner: push myself completely independently on the trails around my home in Florida.

Trevor Kennison: Be mentally healthy and strong

Ronan Patel: By January of 2022, I would like to get my physical fitness regime established and be able to exercise consistently for at least 30 minutes per day.

Anthony Drees: Complete self-sufficiency on skis in any conditions.

Jason Abraham: Push a mile in under 10 minutes in my wheelchair rugby chair.

Skye Kerr: my goal is to be skiing by this winter! It looks really hard but I’m super excited to try it!

Annijke Wade: Learn Basic Bike Handling skills on the Bowhead Reach:

Christian Bui: To purchase the recumbent bike equipment within the year.

Brittany Shaney: My main goal is to work on strength training. I want to be able to complete a floor transfer without the help of others.

Britney Aston: I would like to start a consistent outdoor cycling regimen.

Jonah Karpman: Learning to drive.

High Fives x Arcade Belt Goal Program

The Arcade Belt Program

The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals. 


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