High Five Athletes Crush Summer Belt Goals

With each new grant cycle, we find ourselves looking back at past goals that Athletes had set and get an incredibly proud feeling. Athletes tend to set goals for themselves that are far from easy, but they rise to the occasion. They should feel very proud of the goals they set and were able to accomplish. We give them the platform to write down their goal. Other than that, it is almost exclusively on them to complete the goal.


We wanted to highlight the individuals who were able to conquer their challenges and complete their most recent belt goals. Although every single goal is incredibly important to us, we felt these three goals deserved more explanation and context.

Name: Grayson Luther

Goal: My goal with this grant is to share the freedom of free flight

Completion Date: Summer 2022


it’s been unreal sharing the freedom of free flight with family, friends and people from all over the world. Ever since I started this sport I knew that my biggest goal was to share this passion with others and being able to do so on a daily basis is truly magical. Providing such an experience that brings immense joy, smiles and laughter makes my day every flight. Can’t thank High Fives enough for supporting me through this journey.

Chris Waker back to riding!

Name:Chris Waker


Ride a bowhead down a Mtb trail!


Completion Date: Summer 2022


Having the Bowhead that High Fives helped me with has opened the doors of independence and freedom by exploring trails that I once thought were inaccessible

Name: Zachary Abblitt

Goal: I would love to try a 30+ mile trail that I use to do. This trail is near my hometown and is a reasonable goal that I could train for and enjoy with my friends.


a joyful heart is good medicine’, I believe that getting out and enjoying passions with friends is truly healing of itself.”

Zach Abblitt

Every completed and uncompleted goal is important to us. Below are all goals recently completed by Athletes.

Way to go Athletes!

Mathew Andrew: get into my bowhead and batec start to test drive it hopefully on some trails

Logan Lazarick: To independently complete a mountain bike trail ride in Nose Hill Park, Calgary or in Canmore, Alberta.

Eric Leversen: My goal is to be able to stand up from a chair without having to hold onto anything at all. This has been eluding me since the date of my injury.

Andrew Gallant: I would like to work towards training and becoming confident again to race.

Matt MacKay: In the first year find 5 local trails I can fit this bike on so I can start doing laps. Find at least 1 trail with jumps wide enough for this bike and see how it handles being off the ground.

Megan Wemmer: My goal is to stay active while I am healing from a pressure sore.

High Fives x Arcade Belt Goal Program

The Arcade Belt Program

The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals. 


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