The Unexpected Journey Podcast

The Unexpected Journey’s Mission:

We talk with folks with disability – adaptive athletes, adventures, artists, creators, and advocates – to elevate their stories, and to normalize and build a community around the disabled experience.”

High Fives Athlete #35 Tim Brown has found a unique and challenging way to improve inclusivity, bring awareness and spread general stoke within the adaptive community.

for over a year now, Tim has funneled his creative skills and personal skills into a podcast titled “The Unexpected Journey” in his podcast, he speaks with different and interesting members of the disabled community. In his podcast he speaks about not just the injuries they have sustained but, more importantly, what they have overcome and how they returned to old passion or created new ones entirely after a life-changing injury.

High Fives is proud to be a part of the story in both Tim’s recovery and in the life of The Unexpected Journey.

Timothy was skiing in Aspen Snowmass when he took a bad fall. Tim suffered a fractured C4/C5 vertebra and a contusion of the same area.

When Tim got in touch with the Foundation, he had the goal of returning to skiing after his spinal cord injury. In 2013 High Fives helped Tim get back on snow.


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When Tim created the Unexpected Journey Podcast, High Fives knew that we also wanted to support Tim and his podcast and so we found a way. After a very successful first season, High Fives sponsored the first six episodes of Season 2 of the podcast. High Fives helped Tim connect with six Athletes we are very proud to be associated with and who we thought had a great story and a message that everyone could learn from. Five of the podcasts have been released with the sixth and very special one to be released shortly.

Listen to the first five episodes here

Josh Dueck on leading Team Canada as Chef de Mission

Air Date: June 23,2022

Josh Dueck, is a legendary skier, Paralympic medalist, leader in the adaptive sports  community, husband, and father from British Columbia, Canada. He has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows since he was paralyzed 18 years ago, and he generously shared some of the lessons he’s learned along the way. He is also a consummate professional, a highly respected public speaker, and recently the Chef de Mission for Team Canada at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Shelby Estocado on truly embracing the moment

Air Date: July 8,2022

Shelby Estocado is the 2021 High Fives Athlete of the Year. This just a couple short years after the snowboarding accident that resulted in paralysis and paraplegia. Her rapid return to living life to the fullest is remarkable. In listening to Shelby share her story, it’s clear that  tenacity, positivity, presence, and the strength of her family and community have served her well, and will continue to as she charges forward.

Lizzy Ragan on Privilege and Hitting the Trails.

Air Date: July 22,2022

Lizzy Ragan grew up in a small town and went to a small high school in rural Oregon. After graduating from Oregon state, she moved to Boston where she earned a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology from Boston University and dedicated her life to studying infectious disease and global health. In her free time, Lizzy would spend as much time as she could outside. As an adult, she became an avid cyclist and a passionate rock climber. In the Fall of 2019 she headed north for a day of climbing on the granite faces of New Hampshire with her friends and suffered a traumatic accident resulting in a spinal cord injury. Lizzy has learned a tremendous amount through her experience and, in many ways, it has given her greater strength personally and professionally.

Jose Martinez on Surfing and Spreading Love

Air Date: August 5,2022

Jose Martinez is no stranger to adversity.  Following a challenging childhood in Los Angeles, Jose enlisted in the US Army and deployed to Afghanistan where he stepped on an IED. During a long and painful recovery, Jose discovered adaptive surfing. Through grit, determination, and passion, as well as much support from his family, friends, therapists, and sponsors, Jose is now one of the top adaptive surfers in the world. From this position, he wants to create opportunities for others, spread the love, and continue to push the limits of what he and other people with disabilities are capable of in the waves.

Olivia Rey on Quad Life Real Talk

Air Date: August 18,2022

Olivia Rey grew up in Switzerland in a Swiss and French family of big skiers. As soon as Olivia and her siblings could walk they were on the ski slopes. In 1996, when she was 12, her family moved to Whistler, British Columbia. After moving to Canada, Olivia picked up snowboarding and grew to love traveling and outdoor sports, especially in the mountains. When we recorded this interview she was in her cozy and warm home in Whistler which she has modified now that she cruises around in a wheelchair following a car accident in 2015. Olivia participates in many sports as an adaptive athlete and continues to love being outside, but our conversation focused equally on the day-to-day of life as a quadriplegic. All the fun and important stuff like mental health, receiving care, and pooping and peeing!

Other High Five Athletes featured on the Unexpected Journey Podcast:

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