High Fives, 12 years strong

12 years of  High Fives


EST. JANUARY 19,2009

Quick Numbers 

358 Athletes
$4.8 million distributed
14 surf camps
9 bike camps
15 ski camps
10000’s of High Fives slapped

Over the last 12 years since the inception of High Fives, a lot has happened. In the fewest words possible; good times were had, barriers were demolished, High Fives were slapped (pre-covid) and injuries were overcome. 

High Fives has been able to provide stoke and support for over 350 Athletes across 43 states. We have been able to run many biking, surfing, and skiing camps as well as taking Athlete waterskiing, paragliding,  and fishing along with other sports across the continent. These camps and events prioritize taking an individuals mindset, from injured to Athlete. 

To properly summarize how much growth, change, positivity, and greatness High Fives has spread over the last 12 years would be entirely fruitless. There are no amount of words or no way to place them eloquently enough to properly disclose the power that High Fives has had. Which, is fine. We have videos to do the talking. 

Below are some Videos that we felt embody High Fives and the Athletes we have been fortunate enough to get to know! 

Roy’s 5 year Anniversary

The man, the myth, the Legend! This is at the early stages of High Fives, it is amazing to look back and see how much things have grown since the inception of High Fives 

Beyond The Veil

This was one of the first big surf trips the Foundation took to Hawaii. The crew was all time, the vibes were hype throughout the entire trip. The North Pacific Ocean provided the crew with amazing weather and waves. The power of these trips on recovery can not be overstated.

The Lottery of Life- Jocelyn Judd

This video shows what is possible. Jocelyn was told she would never walk again and she showed everyone that that wasn’t the case. Of course, not every recovery is going to be so strong but it really shows the power hard work and positivity have. 

The Cody Walker Story

Such an amazing recovery, such a great guy! We are proud to show Cody and his families story. 

Lifelines and Bloodlines

The ohana is one of the most valuable and important things that we can ever have. We have learned in our years with High Fives that it takes far more than one individual to get through a life changing injury. You need a network of support. 

Family does not have to be blood, We have a family of 357 Athletes!

If you would like to keep up to date or see more High Fives Videos subscribe to our YOUTUBE and Vimeo Channels. If you would like to get acquainted with our 357 Athletes, check out their Athlete Pages Here

Thank you, Athletes, Friends, family, supporters, and everyone else for making the first 12 years of this foundation so damn powerful! We cant wait to see what is possible in the next 12. 

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