#HighFivesAthlete Danielle Shannon goes snow biking!

#HighFivesAthlete Danielle Shannon

“It’s been pretty icy, so I’ve only been out on it 3 times, just to be safe! I have loved every moment on it! It runs so great! I hope to be able to get out on it more, now that the ice is slightly going away. Thank you guys so so much for helping me to get this bike! I really appreciate it!” – #HighFivesAthlete Danielle Shannon

#HighFivesAthlete Danielle Shannon
On Friday, February 27, 2015 Danielle crashed extremely hard while skiing and smashed into a rock at Alyeska Resort outside Anchorage, Alaska. Though she was wearing a helmet, the rock struck between her cheek bones and forehead shattering her skull and causing clotting and swelling of the brain.
Ski patrol responded within 10 minutes and were able to rush Danielle to Providence Hospital in Anchorage where she underwent immediate brain surgery to relieve pressure and remove the blood clot. During the procedure Danielle lost nearly half of her blood volume, and needed facial reconstructive surgery to repair her damaged skull. The doctors said that she wouldn’t make it, but she has defied the odds and is on her way to a tremendous recovery.

High Five Danielle!

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