High Fives Foundation sends another athlete to Project Walk with Empowerment Grant

Congratulations Daniel Murray! 

(Truckee, California, November 3, 2016) — California’s High Fives Foundation is awarding Amesbury resident Daniel Murray an Empowerment Grant for 40 hours of personal training at Project Walk to help in his recovery process from a life-altering injury he received in January of this year.

After graduating, Murray moved to Bend, Oregon to pursue a career in snowboarding. On January 27th, he took a jump and landed upside down. he fractured his T-10 vertebra, suffered traumatic brain injury and severe lung contusions.

A surgery on January 29th stabilized his spinal cord injury, but he currently has no use of his legs. A speech pathologist is monitoring his brain injury.

“I am going to eventually embrace adaptive skiing and snowboarding, but while my injuries are still new, I want to give it my all to recover walking again,” said 24-year-old Murray.

Project Walk is a spinal cord recovery center in Massachusetts. There he will be able to work on an electro stimulation machine that was effective for Murray’s recovery at Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Boston.


“This is the second grant that Daniel has received for training at Project Walk. He is experiencing tremendous results and is very thankful for the initial grant that he received from High Fives,” said Roy Tuscany, executive director of the High Fives Foundation. Tuscany suffered his own spinal cord injury in 2006. His recovery process catalyzed the creation of the High Fives Foundation.

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