High Fives Foundation awards an empowerment grant for Lafayette woman to return to skiing after a traumatic brain injury that happened at Vail

This is the first grant awarded to Brooke Schoenherr from the High Fives Foundation

(Truckee, California, November 3, 2016) — California’s High Fives Foundation is awarding Lafayette resident Brooke Schoenherr an Empowerment Grant for equipment necessary to return to skiing. Schoenherr is in the recovery process from a life-altering injury she received in 2014.

The injury occurred while freeskiing at Vail with some friends and family. She accidentally caught an edge and landed on a frozen pile of snow. Schoenherr suffered a brain injury and ruptured a vertebral artery leading to an incomplete spinal cord injury.

The injury has left her with balance and instability issues, but it has also left her with depression from the TBI.


“She wants to regain normalcy by getting back out on the hill,” said Roy Tuscany, executive director of the High Fives Foundation. “This grant is going to facilitate and motivate her to be outside, exercising and being herself again.”

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