High Fives Athletes at 2024 Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships

The 2024 Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships (#HASC2024) was a testament to resilience and inclusivity, with the High Fives Foundation playing a pivotal role. Held at Waikiki’s Queen’s Surf Break from May 13th to May 16th, the event welcomed 95 athletes from 18 countries.

Among them were 15 High Fives Athletes and ambassadors, including Josh “Joshy” Bogle, Alana Nichols, and Spike Kane. Battling wild weather and challenging waves, these individuals showcased courage and skill, inspiring all who witnessed their feats.

AccesSurf, the driving force behind #HASC2024, has been empowering adaptive athletes since 2006, hosting over 40 events. Their commitment to inclusivity has touched lives worldwide. The presence of Governor Josh Green underscored the event’s significance, highlighting the importance of fostering inclusive communities.

As the sun set on another remarkable championship, the bonds forged on the waves reminded us of the power of diversity and perseverance. Let’s carry the spirit of #HASC2024 forward, championing inclusivity and inspiring change wherever we go. Together, let’s continue making waves and empowering adaptive athletes worldwide. To the athletes, volunteers, organizers, and supporters who made #HASC2024 a resounding success, we extend our deepest gratitude.

2024 Results

(High Fives Athletes BOLDED)

Any Knee KneelingMen

1st Mark Mono Stewart

2nd- Altair Olivares

3rd-Llywelyn “Sponge” Williams

4th- Josh “Joshy” Bogle

Any Knee Kneeling – Women

1st- Victoria Feige

2nd- Barbara Garcia

3rd-Em Dieters

Wave Ski – Men

1st- Fellipe Kizu

2nd- Daniel Lombardo

3rd- Spike Kane

4th- Richard Julian

Wave Ski Women

1st- Alana Nichols

2nd- Cassandra Eckroth

3rd- Miera Nelson

4th- Samantha Summers

Unassisted Prone – Men

1st- Ryan Porteus

2nd- Kai Colless

3rd- Joel Taylor

4th- Chris Astill

Unassisted Prone – Women

1st- Sam Bloom

2nd- Katherine Beattie

3rd- Natalia Vindas

4th- Laurie Foti

Prone Assist – Men

1st- Jose Martinez

2nd- Jesse Billauer

3rd- Eric Lazar

4th- Tomoki Fujiwara

Prone Assist Women

1st- Jocelyn Neumueller

2nd- Annie Goldsmith

3rd-Ashley Bunting

4th- Quinn Waitley

Below Knee – Standing Men

1st- Nachman Balulu

2nd-Kenjiro Ito

3rd- Sean Reyngoudt

4th- Jonathon Marinovich

Below Knee – Standing Women

1st- Laurie Phipps

2nd- Malu Mendez

Above Knee – Standing Men

1st- Colin Cook

2nd- Naomichi Katsukura

3rd- Joshy Bogle

Above Knee – Upright Men

1st-Alcino Pirata

2ndMartin Martinez 

3rd- Dariel Melendez Davila

Blind / No Vision – Men

1st-Kirk Watson 

2nd-Aitor Francesena

Blind/ Low Vision – Men

1st- Roy Steven Calderon Vargas

2nd- Aaron Paulk

3rd- Natalia Vindas

Blind/ Low Vision – Women

1st-Aleli Medina

Upper Limb – Standing Men

1st- Mike Richard

Upper Limb – Standing Women

Wounded Warrior A

1st- Jose Martinez

2nd- Buster Kawasaki

3rd-Forrest Weinberg

Wounded Warrior B

1st-Evan Moon

2nd- Clint Bailey

3rd- Tony Lynch

4th- Rob Garnett