High Fives Foundation Announces “Access to My” Monthly Giving Campaign with New ADA-Accessible Website

High Fives Foundation Announces “Access to My” Monthly Giving Campaign with New ADA-Accessible Website

The High Fives Foundation is proud to announce a new monthly giving campaign that includes a five-part video series called “Access to My” and a new homepage that will be 100% Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant with a full site redesign to follow. The new website content will be accessible to users who are blind, deaf, or have cognitive disorders. 

Starting in September 2020 and running through February 2021, the Foundation will run the “Access to My” video campaign. A video from a Foundation grant recipient will be released each month: Jason Abraham, “Access to My – Family Adventures; ”Justin Pines, “Access to My – Athletic Pursuits;” Samantha Summers, “Access to My – Outdoors;” Trevor Kennison, “Access to My – Dreams;” and Landon McGauley, “Access to My – Community.”

Each video will describe how High Fives donations, collectively over $125,000, allow them access to accessibility, independence, and freedom. The “Access to My” campaign is meant to give supporters a personal and exclusive look into an injured athlete’s life and show the direct impact of monthly funds. 

The campaign will launch at the end of September starting with a video featuring local Truckee athlete Jason Abraham personally thanking donors, and showing how High Fives has provided him with the resources to be active with his family. The “Access to My – Family Adventures” episode will run through October. A $20.00 monthly donation will give five High Fives Athletes a ski, bike, or fishing lesson with a family member once a year. 

These athletes have made amazing progress in their own recoveries, getting back to the sports they love. This is possible because of donor contributions. When people continue to give on a monthly basis, it provides the opportunity for all athletes’ stories to be full-circle.

says Roy Tuscany, CEO of High Fives Foundation

The High Fives Foundation wants “Access to My” donors to become the safety net of the outdoor sports community. Interested givers can visit the “Access to My” donation page to learn more. 

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