8th Annual Vermont Golf Tournament

High Five Foundation’s 8th Annual Vermont Golf Tournament

Presented By Tito’s Vodka & Vermont North Ski Shop

We were happy to host a safe, socially distant golf tournament in Vermont. The teams, volunteers, and Athletes who came to the tournament made the event incredible and unforgettable. The community in Vermont supports the foundation in a big way, and this year was no exception.


The 8th Annual Vermont Charity Golf Tournament was a unique and major success for the High Fives Foundation.


We soaked up the day with 120 enthusiastic participants, 8 High Fives athletes, and more helpful hands than any other Vermont golf tournament in High Fives history. This year’s sold out tournament (with all of its adaptations) serves as a reminder that there is no community more equipped to adapt to these challenging times than a foundation whose ethos is centered around overcoming and thriving through adversity.

120 Participants in the tournament
8 High Five Athletes
$40,615 raised for the Foundation


1st Place Team
Madd Men, with a score of 21 under par
Adam Mahoney, Matthew Vatcher, Dan Cahill, Dave Alofsin
2nd Place Team
Kingsbury Clowns, with a score of 20 under par
Matt Schwartz, Chris Austin, Kurt Bergstrom, Bobby Shea
3rd Place Team
HEAD, with a score of 17 under par
Mike Reilly, Chad Waters, Kyle Perry, Marcus Farone
LAST Place Team
Elevation PT
Steve Skalecke, Justin Beckwith, Rich Pashby, Miles Derrick


Baseball Bat Long Drive
Ryan Daudelin
KTP (Closest to The Pin) Men
Marcus Shakun with a 4’8”
KTP (Closest to The Pin) Women
Amy Brusa
Long Drive Men
Todd Harrington
Long Drive Women
Janelle Hunt
Ski Boot Long Drive
Jack Moran
Partner of Awesomeness
Kingsbury Companies
Partner of Awesomeness
Belknap Plumbing & Heating
Partner of Awesomeness
Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Photo album by John Atkinson HERE

Photo Album Shot 100% on GoPro by Justin Jenny HERE


Photo album by Brooks Curran HERE


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