High Fives Foundation’s Bike Camps Nationwide

Welcome to East Coast vs. West Coast: Mountain Biking Edition

Ahh, the age-old question: East Coast or West Coast? Well, with High Fives Foundation, you don’t have to choose one or the other. The answer is both.

2023 Bike Days got more than 40 High Fives athletes immersed in nature at four different camps across America, riding over 55 trails and learning the ropes on 20 top-of-the-line adaptive mountain bikes.

In beautiful Vermont, riders gathered at Killington and Blueberry Lake again this year to experience a mix of classic singletracks and modern flow trails. There’s something for everyone in these rolling hills and lush green forests.

With the support of Vermont Adaptive, we saw 10 High Fives athletes rip through the New England foliage.

Video by Justin Jenny

Photos by Justin Jenny HERE

Over in the Golden State, participants weaved through pine trees and sun-drenched spaces at Northstar Resort and the Sawtooth Trail Loop. Whether gliding over rock gardens or ripping around berms, there were too many smiles to count.

Video by Jordan Drew // Alpine Media House

Photos by Alpine Media HERE

Wherever we go, we’re thankful to play a role in opening the doors to this magical sport for our community.

Thank you to for continuing to support High Fives Foundation, as it is the reason we get to keep growing and expanding accessible mountain biking across this scenic country. We couldn’t host such amazing camps without the support from our partners at Smith Optics, Bowhead, Specialized, Darn Tough VT, IXS Armor, SunBum, Charlotte’s Web, and all of our community members & volunteers!

We’re working hard to increase diversity and inclusivity in mountain biking through trail accessibility expansions with our friends at the Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation, City of Reno Access Advisory Committee, and countless others. A big high five to you!