High Fives in the News: Support the Hula Tribe 4 High Fives

High Fives in the News: Support the Hula Tribe 4 High Fives

Hula Tribe 4 High Fivesis a fundraising effort of Hula Networks (Hula Tribe) who have partnered up with the High Fives Foundation to put together a positive tribe of individuals that are completing the Tough Mudder course as a way to raise money and awareness for High Fives Non-Profit Foundation, proving anything is possible with the power of positivity!

The Hula Tribe 4 High Fives will take on the Tough Mudder at Northstar California Resort on September 28, 2013.

Support the movement today through a pledge donation athulatribe4highfives.com.

Watch and share the the Hula Tribe 4 High Fivesvideo:

Additionally, you can support the Hula Tribe 4 High Fives by sponsoring the event. Amazing packages with great returns are available atPlatinum,GoldandSilverlevels.Learn morehere!

In addition to the Hula Tribe, the following High Fives athletes will be working to make history at this year’s Tough Mudder…

Roy Tuscany
: Co-Founder and Executive Director of the High Fives Foundation

Grant Korgan
: Winter Empowerment Athlete and the first adaptive athlete to reach the South Pole

Jake Hickman:Winter Empowerment Athlete and returning Tough Mudder athlete

This year’s Hula Tribe Team:

1. Matthew Boehm

2. Big Daddy Dave

3. Joe Commendatore

4. Vince Commendatore

5. Nate Coogan

6. Sean Crandall

7. Shane Frederick

8. John Grosso

9. Vince Grosso

10. Jake Hickman

11. Scott Hobin

12. Thomas Hogan

13. William Hu

14. Meghan Jahnsen

15. Ryan Jahnsen

16. Steve Jahnsen

17. Scott Johnston

18. Daniel Kennison

19. Grant Korgan

20. Bert Legrand

21. Brian Mes

22. Christel Mes

23. Matthew Millsaps

24. Scott Morris

25. Rich Nambu

26. Steve Robinson

27. J.D Testa

28. Vincent Tripp

29. Roy Tuscany

30. Josh Wolcott

(and 5-10 others)

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