Inspirational Athlete: Danny Toumarkine’s Spring Snowboard Edit

Inspirational Athlete: Danny Toumarkine’s Spring Snowboard Edit

Winter Empowerment AthleteDanny Toumarkinehas made a remarkable recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury he suffered in 2011. Through his hard work and physical training with Chris Cloyd of Performance Training Center (Truckee, CA), Danny has returned to snowboarding and is able to make great edits such as this video produced by Shreddy Times.

Danny says, “It feels a bit strange that summer time is here. Beaches, horseshoes, frisbee, cliff jumping, and swimming dont quite feel right yet.With a lack of snow and a short season in Tahoe, the Shreddy Times crew decided that we needed one last shred session before we were willing to fully enjoy summer.Since I’m a Northstar team rider, I reached out to the park manager (Mike Shapani) to see if setting up jumps now that the resort is closed would be possible. Mike and the Northstar park staff were able to work their magic and setup several awesome jumps for us to ride until the snow was gone.

The session was so fun! Beautiful ladies, hotdogs, blue skys, sled laps, personal progression; you could say we had a good timebut, really it was AMAZING!Now we can happily enjoy summer knowing that we got that one last session in. Wow that was awesome!”

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