Adaptive Ski Camp at Winter Park, Colorado

The camp took place from January 7 to 12, 2024, in Winter Park, Colorado with 9 #HighFivesAthletes.

The recent Adaptive Ski Camp hosted by the High Fives Foundation at Winter Park, Colorado, marked the beginning of the year with an unforgettable experience. This annual event, made possible through the generous support of our sponsors, including Wells Lamont, Xtratuf, Darn Tough Vermont, Lone Mountain Printing, Ski Town All-Stars, Phunkshun Wear, Dakine, National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD), and Winter Park Resort, brought together a community of athletes and mentors committed to empowering individuals with disabilities through the joy of skiing.

Athlete Stories

  1. Cassie Eckroth Shredding with Friends and Mentoring New Sit Skiers Cassie shares her excitement about the Winter Park experience, describing it as an absolute blast. Beyond the thrill of shredding with friends, Cassie had the unique opportunity to be a mentor to new sit skiers. Witnessing these individuals fall in love with skiing added an extra layer of significance to her trip.
  2. Kyle Stepp The Power of Skiing and Mentorship Kyle Stepp reflects on the challenges of learning to ski, especially for those living with disabilities. As an amputee himself, he emphasizes the importance of shared experiences in the learning process. Being a mentor to fellow amputee Dariel Melendez was not just an honor but a life-changing experience. Kyle highlights the transformative power of skiing, stating, “Skiing is freedom. Skiing creates community. Skiing changes lives. This is the power of High Fives.”
  3. Sean Kent Overcoming Challenges and Rediscovering Joy Sean Kent expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to learn to sit ski with the NSCD at Winter Park. Skiing was a significant part of his life before an accident, and returning to it was a nerve-wracking yet amazing experience. Sean acknowledges the support he received and the stoke of being back on snow, thanks to the High Fives Foundation.

The Winter Park Adaptive Ski Camp showcased numerous successes, from the joyous moments of new sit skiers conquering the slopes for the first time to the empowering mentorship relationships that formed. The camp exemplified the transformative impact of skiing, fostering a sense of freedom, community, and resilience.

The success of the Winter Park Adaptive Ski Camp wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of our sponsors, dedicated athletes like Cassie Eckroth, Kyle Stepp, Jim Harris, Nick Romano, Dariel Melendez, Sean Kent, Cyrus Lewis, Roy Tuscany, and Alana Nichols, as well as the collaboration with NSCD and Winter Park. To our donors, your contributions have directly impacted lives, and we are excited to continue creating meaningful experiences for individuals with disabilities through the power of skiing. Thank you for being a crucial part of the High Fives Foundation family. View the full photo album by Generikal HERE.