Inspirational Athlete: Lucas Grossi (Ottobock)

Inspirational Athlete: Lucas Grossi (Ottobock)

Lucas Ottobock Poster

High Five to Lucas Grossi for making the poster for Ottobock, an amazing company that produces top of the line prosthetics, orthotics and mobility devices.

Lucaslost his leg in a car accident in 1988. As a driven youngster, he learned how to skateboard 4 months before he learned how to walk again. He picked up the shred in 1992. In 2000, he organized the first adaptive snowboard freestyle camps and national competition in the world with USASA. Now he is an aspiring athlete for the 2014 Paralympic Games.

Lucas was awarded a grant through the Winter Empowerment Fund in the month of May which included:Chinese herbs (through an Acupuncturist),Massage (10 Sessions),Acupuncture (10 Sessions) andPersonal Training (36 Sessions).

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