Inspiring Possibilities | The High Fives Foundation’s Dynamic Partnership with Lee Canyon Ski Area

In a remarkable collaboration, the High Fives Foundation and Lee Canyon Ski Area in Las Vegas, NV have joined forces to transform lives and redefine the boundaries of possibility. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting athletes who have experienced life-altering injuries, the High Fives Foundation has found an extraordinary ally in Lee Canyon Ski Area, a premier winter sports destination renowned for its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

This year alone, $23,000 was raised for High Fives Athletes through Lee Canyon’s Feel Good Fridays! The Feel Good Friday program allowed skiers and snowboarders to purchase a $25 lift pass on a Friday & $5 from every purchase was donated directly to the High Fives Foundation!

With a shared vision of empowering individuals through adaptive sports, the High Fives Foundation and Lee Canyon Ski Area have created a partnership that transcends traditional boundaries. Together, they have cultivated an environment where athletes of all abilities can thrive, pushing the limits of what is thought possible in the realm of winter sports.

Beyond the snow-covered peaks, this partnership extends into the heart of the community. The High Fives Foundation and Lee Canyon Ski Area have united in their commitment to raising awareness, fostering inclusivity, and promoting the importance of adaptive sports. This extraordinary partnership continues to inspire and uplift, changing lives one slope at a time.