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KOLOCares is a forum for local non-profits, their stories and their events. KOLOCares is a part of this community and wants to spread the word about good things that are happening. The High Fives Foundation is a proud partner of the High Fives Foundation.


In celebration of #NationalHighFiveDay and to bring awareness to High Fives Foundation we are taking the day to help describe our program services.

MISSION – The High Fives Foundation supports the dreams of outdoor sports athletes by raising injury prevention awareness while providing resources and inspiration to those who suffer life-altering injuries.

PROGRAM SERVICE – The CR Johnson Healing Center is a 2,800 sq/ft training facility providing resources for athletes in recovery from life-altering and sport related injuries. The Healing Center attracts over 3,720 visits a year from community members and #HighFivesAthletes.

PROGRAM SERVICE – The ‘Empowerment Fund’ provides resources and inspiration to those who suffer a life-altering injury. Life-altering injuries are injuries such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputation or other mobility-limiting injuries that occurred in an athlete’s lifetime. The resources and inspiration we provide come in the form of board-approved grant funding paid to service providers in nine funding categories: living expenses, insurance, health, travel, high fives healing network, adaptive equipment, camps, winter equipment, and “stoke” (positive energy, outlook, attitude).

PROGRAM SERVICE HIGHLIGHT – #HelmetsAreCool is a campaign stared through the Program Service ‘B.A.S.I.C.S’ (Being Aware Safe In Critical Situations) to help promote helmet use.

PROGRAM SERVICE – ‘B.A.S.I.C.S’ (Being Aware Safe In Critical Situations) was created to reach young athletes in order to promote smart decision making in the mountains and prevent injuries of any kind. All the videos are available FREE online.

PROGRAM SERVICE – ‘Military to the Mountain’ demonstrates our deep sense of appreciation for the men and women who serve our country in the Military — specifically for those Veterans who have suffered life-altering injuries in the name of loyalty to America. 

Thank you KOLOCares & KOLO 8 News Now for helping us spread our story and the story of our #HighFivesAthletes!

KoloCares Mission

To connect the community with events, the events with the people of Northern Nevada, and the people back to the community.

Caring about the community we share and connecting the community with local events.www.KOLOCares.com

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