Maad Maude 2.1 – Refined

High Five to Maude Raymond for her support of the Foundation and for coming back from a tough knee injury! We ran into Maude at the Phunkshun Wear “Happiest Hour” fundraiser at the 2014 SIA On-Snow Demo event. She let us know that she is fired up to be skiing strong again and looks forward to a great winter…

Description for the new Maad Maude 2.1 – Refined video:
“So it begins — MAADMAUDE 2.1 — is out !! It’s been a lot of hard work & a long road since my last ACL.. I am getting soooo hyped on 2.2 already & it’s coming out real soon!
#maadmaude #RoadToMaadMaude
Definition of Refined: with impurities or unwanted elements having been removed by processing.”

Maude donated $5 to the High Fives Foundation with a cool signature / note. Thanks Maude!

Maude Raymond Supports High Fives!
Maude Raymond Supports High Fives!

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