Movie Monday: Matt Myhill Chops His Dreadlocks for High Fives

Movie Monday: Matt Myhill Chops His Dreadlocks for the High Fives Foundation

Adelaide, South Australia native, Matt Myhill (founder of Nine22 Apparel) has grown his hair into dreadlocks for the past four years. Upon his move to a beach house for the summer, the skier Myhill decided to lighten the load for surfing and get a haircut. Since he was fond of the dreads he thought it best to raise money for a charity and document the entire experience. Through his efforts of asking friends and family to donate and in turn participate in the chop, Matt Myhill successfully raised $1,174.14 (USD), which he then donated to the High Fives Foundation.

Matt Myhill explains his charitable endeavor, “Whilst being something I became quite attached to, I surprisingly haven’t really looked back. The whole experience was fun, and the freedom it has given me back in the water (while surfing) and during the warm summer months is entirely worth it. I am so stoked to be able to show some love and support for the High Fives Foundation, who do so much for the industry I am most passionate about”.

Donors at the Dreadlock Chop day paid to cut a lock of Matts hair off in the backyard of a summer rental house in Grange (a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia). The event was both a day of fun and relief for Matt Myhill as he had grown tired of the hair falling into his face when working or skiing.

Myhill continues, I love what the High Fives Foundation does and what they are all about. When considering donating to a charity I figured I would look at donating to a foundation that is at the heart of where my passion lies. The High Fives Foundation supports the industry that I love most, so to be able to give them some support in return is the least I could do.

Watch the video of Matt Myhill chopping off his dreadlocks for charity:

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