Non-Profit Spotlight: CHARITYSMITH

Non-Profit Spotlight: CHARITYSMITH

CHARITYSMITH Nonprofit Foundation is committed to the creation and management of memorial funds. For those who feel inspired to do so, CHARITYSMITH offers a simple and expedient pathway to the creation of memorials in memory of loved ones. By contributing to the lives of others, we remember and honor the lives of those who have passed.

CHARITYSMITH is the founding organization of the Squaw Valley Prom. Entering its ninth year in a row, the Squaw Valley Prom is a spectacular party with proceeds benefitting both CHARITYSMITH and the High Fives Foundation.

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CHARITYSMITH Nonprofit Foundation was created by Brooks Rohlen in memory of his late father, Douglas F. Smith, who was killed in a commercial airplane crash at Aspen Airport in 1970.

Since its inception in 1994, the intention of CHARITYSMITH has been to honor the memory of a loved one by helping others achieve their dreams. CHARITYSMITH’s first endeavor, the Douglas F. Smith Memorial Fund, was created to assist students, artists, and athletes along the way to achieving their dreams.

As time has passed, others have sought to memorialize their loved ones. Over the years, CHARITYSMITHs nonprofit efforts have grown from a single scholarship to include a broad range of memorial endeavors.

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