New Video ‘Team Sport: A Tim Brown Story’

High Fives Athlete and podcaster of The Unexpected Journey, Tim Brown, has just released a new film that captures the essence of surfing with others and the joy of returning to the water with support. In this heartfelt project, Tim shares the energy and excitement he feels as he reconnects with the ocean, thanks to the unwavering support of his community.

A couple of years ago, filmmaker Brayden Rudert (@brudert) reached out to Tim about creating a small film project. The result is a beautiful narrative of Tim’s journey back to the ocean, an inspiring testament to the power of community and perseverance. The film not only tells Tim’s personal story but also serves as an ode to the Wave Crew—a group of New England-based surfers, family, and friends who have been instrumental in helping Tim continue surfing despite the challenges posed by his disability.

Tim expresses his deep gratitude to everyone who has supported him, both in and out of the water, allowing him to chase and ride waves once again. This film celebrates joy, awe, community, and the simple beauty of playing in the ocean.