Non-Profit Spotlight: SOS Outreach

Non-Profit Spotlight: SOS Outreach

About SOS
SOS Outreach is a youth development nonprofit that builds character and self-esteem in underserved youth through programs that offer an outdoor adventure and leadership development curriculum. During the 2011-2012 fiscal year, SOS served 5,003 youth in 11 states and New Zealand and offered 20,530 total program days.

The mission of SOS Outreach is to inspire youth to make positive decisions for healthy and successful lives.

Core Values
SOS Outreach has five Core Values: Courage, Discipline, Integrity, Wisdom, and Compassion. These Core Values are central to our programs and operation.

SOS Outreach was founded in 1993 in Colorados Vail Valley as the Snowboard Outreach Society, with a group of snowboarders who wanted to expose underprivileged youth to the mountains and the sport of snowboarding. Since its founding, SOS has expanded across individual winter sports to include skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing while incorporating a youth development curriculum.

In 2009, SOS merged with Meet the Wilderness, an organization based in summer adventure programs.The merger ensured that 2,000 additional youth are served through predominately summer outdoor adventure education programs. As a combined organization, SOS is able to provide year-round, multi-year programs to underserved youth.

The goal of SOS Outreach’s programs is to increase resiliency in at-risk youth. Each of the SOS programs offers a value-based leadership curriculum that enhances the experiences for students by promoting self-respect, positive relationships, social skills, and positive values all while participating in an outdoor adventure sport. During program days students discuss and discover the meaning of the SOS Five Core Values, while learning a new sport like snowboarding, hiking, paddleboarding, or backpacking with positive adult role models.

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