Non-Profit Spotlight: The Shane McConkey Foundation | TRAiNS 2013 Donation

Non-Profit Spotlight: The Shane McConkey Foundation | TRAiNS 2013 Donation

The 2013 TRAiNS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard Contest was a great success as 30 competitors took to the air in a style centric event presented by Volkl Skis, Marker Bindings, GoPro and Alpine Meadows.

In addition to the action on the hill, TRAiNS is an event that gives back with the winning athletes and best team donating their respective cash purses (of $5,000 total) to selected charitable organizations.

The Red Team was the Best TRAiNS Team and they in-turn donated the $2,000 purse to theShane McConkey Foundation.Red Team members included: snowboarder Will Mayo and skiers Harry Meyer, Jason Arens, Becca Roberts, Will Wesson, Khai Krepela, Noah Wallace, Garrett Russell as well asWinter Empowerment Athlete Jake Hickmanwho returned to competition this season after recovering from a spinal cord injury in 2011.

About the Shane McConkey Foundation:

The Foundationhonors those who inspire positive change in the world and the life of others.Shane McConkey altered the paths of countless friends, acquaintances and strangers through his accomplishments, generous spirit, laughter and his positive outlook on life. He was an innovator, a goofball, a friend, a husband and a father but his zest for life carried into his deep appreciation for the environment and living creatures.

The Shane McConkey Foundation was founded in recognition of the worldwide community of skiers,adventurers and everyday people who share a passion for life.The goal of the Foundation is twofold: to carry on this legacy through random acts of kindness and charitable giving and to inspire others to make a difference in the world at large.

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