Order a LIF Flasq Today from Life is Fluid and Support High Fives!

Life is Fluid | LIF Flasq
Life is Fluid | LIF Flasq

Help Life is Fluid support the High Fives Foundation. Now through February – they are donating $5 of EVERY LIF Flasq sold. Plus you could win a 2-day trip to Squaw Valley USA.

Life is Fluid is a revolutionary hydration system made in the USA designed for the active lifestyle.

Through their innovative products and our growing, loyal audience, LIFE IS FLUID is building a community around economic principle of Redistributive Consumerism and bring them the whole of our resources to affect positive social and environmental change.

Founded on and fueled by the notion that one truly can affect many and with a company mission of reducing the gap between corporations and non-profits, they intend to design, produce and distribute forward-thinking, sustainable hydration products made in the USA to promote the active lifestyle as well as provide access to cleaner water while reducing the need for single-use bottles.

With the holiday season upon us, now is the perfect time to pick up a new LIF Flasq and support at lifeisfluid.com

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