Push FOREward 2023

Despite the impending hurricane weather all the way in Pennsylvania, PUSH FOREward had another very successful year! We fought the cold and rain all through the day, but the participants and volunteers made all the best of the day and still helped us reel in $59,890 for our 6th Annual tournament in support of High Fives! Our small town community really does wear its heart on its sleeve when it comes to supporting a cause and a foundation that means so much to us and to all of the athletes a part of it. Cheers to our success on our 6th Annual PUSH FOREward Golf Fundraiser and with many more to come!

2023 – $59,890
2022 – $59,555
2021 – $61,550
2020 – $45,000
2019 – $43,500
2018 – $36,075

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