Continue to ROAM, Mobility & HIGH FIVES to All

Continue to ROAM, Mobility & HIGH FIVES to All

High Fives Foundation partners with robotics company Roam.

Roam is proud to announce a partnership with the High Fives Foundation. High Fives and Roam share a common goal of helping people regain their mobility so they can live a more active and full life.

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Personally, it has been hard for me to find the joy in skiing cause of my constant pain & weakness in my legs but when I ski with the Elevate suit, I can find the joy in skiing again

Roy Tuscany, CEO & Founder of High Fives Foundation

With this partnership, Roam will provide High Fives the resources and technology needed to help injured people get back on the slopes. Elevate, Roam’s new robotic ski exoskeleton that provides leg stability and support while reducing fatigue and knee pain, will be the key component to this partnership. Along with a donation of $5,000, Roam will also provide High Fives with a $5 donation every time an Elevate unit is rented, as well as offer free Elevate demos for all High Fives Athletes. 

High Fives Founder and CEO, Roy Tuscany, has been able to expand his boundaries and is skiing with poles instead of outriggers while using Roam.

The best thing about the Roam x High Fives Foundation partnership is the access we are sharing with the community of folks that can truly benefit from this product. Roam has not only created a solution, but they have found a way to increase mobility for a population that will truly be able to stand freely on top of the mountain.

Roy Tuscany, CEO & Founder of High Fives Foundation

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How does it work?

Elevate is a robotic exoskeleton designed to enhance your skiing experience. The Roam technology uses lightweight yet high-strength fabrics and plastics and is powered by compressed air. Elevate provides exceptional leg support while offloading up to 30% of your body weight, significantly reducing the load on quads and knee joints.  Elevate anticipates your turns and automatically adjusts knee and quad support to aid your natural motion. Elevate does not ski for you, but will help you ski stronger and longer, and in the case of several #HighFivesAthletes, Elevate made a significant positive impact on their skiing experience.

Meet the Athletes and watch them experience this technology;

Meet High Fives Athlete, Jim Harris

Art and everything outdoors has been Jim Harris’ lifelong passions as evidenced by his work as a photographer, videographer, illustrator, writer, and adventurer. The Salt Lake City native was involved in a ski accident on November 24th, 2014 causing fractures in his T7/8 and C2/3 vertebrae, leaving him temporarily paralyzed at the T6 level. With a great attitude and work ethic paired with an amazing support system, Jim has put the setback behind him and returned to the mountains where he belongs. After using Elevate, Jim was able to ski faster and longer than he has in years, making a huge difference in his skiing and spirit.

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Meet High Fives Athlete Todd Brownell

Todd was skiing at Squaw Valley when he caught a little air off of a hidden knoll. While in the air, he noticed that he was going to land on rocks that the sun had melted out earlier that week. He slammed into the granite and started rag-dolling, knocking himself out in the process. Todd sustained a T10 spinal cord injury in 2019. In 2020, he is back on skis thanks to Roam!

Meet High Fives Athlete and Veteran Shay Hampton

Retired Air Force Master Sergeant, Shay Hampton was able to return to skiing via the Military to the Mountain program. Thanks to Roam, he has been able to ski without outriggers, drastically enhancing his ski experience. He believes that Elevate will delay the need for a sit ski.


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