sciLeash – A Hands-Free Pet Leash For Manual Wheelchairs

The following is a revolutionary piece of adaptive equipment currently featured on the crowdsourcing website Kickstarter…


sciLeash is a hands-free pet leash designed for manual wheelchairs allowing users to stay in full control while traveling outdoors.

“Hi Kickstarter, I’m Brian, the owner and creator of the sciLeash. For the past year, I have been designing and testing a number of prototypes that will give pet owners who are daily wheelchairs users a solution to traveling outdoors with their four legged friends.

The idea of sciLeash came to fruition when I found it almost impossible to be outdoors walking my dogs and feel comfortable. One of the biggest problems I encountered was not being in full control of my wheelchair when I would walk or travel with my dogs. It proved to be a difficult task when I would hold their leashes in one hand while trying to utilize both hands to wheel myself around. I found myself alternating the leashes between each hand but I would lose momentum of the hands causing my wheelchair to veer in all different directions.

The other problems I frequently encountered was dropping the leashes, which resulted in the dogs running away from me or their leashes were getting tangled in my wheelchair which endangers them and can potentially result in serious injuries to myself.

My dogs are an important part of my family and for that very reason, I set out to create the optimal solution to my problem, sciLeash. sciLeash serves as an extra hand for you, allowing you to always be in full control of your wheelchair regardless of whether you’re traveling on grass, dirt or rocky terrain while also keeping your pets safe.

The sciLeash will be offered in 2 models with a set of choice finishes. Owners with 1 dog can choose the sciLeash Single, and owners with 2 can choose the sciLeash Double.

The sciLeash Double differentiates from the Single in that it comes with an adapter that holds the 2 retractable leashes separately from the main base. Its able to rotate 360-degrees apart from the base in order to unwind the lines should the dogs ever circle each other. This solves the problem of having to unhook the line from the dogs to manually untangle the lines and possibly letting them run off.”

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sciLeash Double
sciLeash Double

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