Pedaling Forward | Reversing The Stigma Of E-Bikes

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It is hard to overstate the power of mountain biking. The freedom, the exercise, the connection with the outdoors, all these, and more come together to create a perfect sport that can make the worst day seem like a great one.

Biking is therapy, and everyone needs a little boost. It seems as though those with life-changing injuries could get the most positive enforcement with throwing a leg over a frame and going for a ride, but unfortunately, a life-changing injury also makes biking a much harder task.

Biking is therapy

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The E-Bike is a tool that levels the playing field for all riders. Two legs, one leg or no legs, the E-bike allows riders to experience the same therapeutic effects regardless of what curveballs life has thrown at them.


Making biking a possibility for all!

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Thankfully, companies like Specialized Bikes realize that biking is for all and create lightweight E-bikes that allow High Five Athletes to get out with their friends, families, and even by themselves to clear their minds, get their hearts racing, and feel the rush that only two wheels and the outdoors can create.

While the “E” in E-bike may stand for electric, High Fives proposes we find another way to look at it we propose that it may be thought of as:

“E”mpowerment bike

“E”veryone bike

“E”xcitment bike

because at the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter how you ride, it should only matter that you ride.

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