The first annual High Fives Saltwater East Coast Fish Camp comes to life

August 10,2022
Judith, Rhode Island
41.3731° N, 71.4856° W
With the support of High Fives community members Richard and Geoffrey Lewis, we created an opportunity for High Fives Athletes to get out and experience the ocean waters.

Words By: High Fives Director of Development Jesse Murphy

0500 hrs

the team; Ryan McLaren, Nick Fairall, Brian Daigle, and Jesse Murphy, met their hosts, Captain Geoffrey Lewis and his son, our fishing guide, Richard.
We arrived at the boat before dawn.
A beautiful V-33 Valhalla outfitted with everything needed for a successful day of fishing and taking in all this beautiful part of the world offers. We rolled down the dock to the subtle deck lights illuminating our vessel and crew. It was ON!

0600 hrs

We set out at 6:00 AM onto Block Island Sound in search of fish and a healing experience on the water. Athletes Nick and Ryan along with the rest of the team settled into their seats for the sunrise ride east to the waters just off Block Island, about 30 minutes offshore.
The first stop was just off the southwest dunes of Block. Richard baited the lines for Ryan and Nick to drop over the rail. Rolling on the waves we began to mark fish under the boat.
East coast Fish 1
With Nick striking first and hauling in a gorgeous 18”Black Sea Bass, Ryan followed with one as well. The team successfully continued to fish three more spots just off the coast of the island producing memories and fish for everyone on board.
image2 (1)
After landing numerous fish including Black Sea bass, Fluke, and a wild looking Robin fish, our captain, Geoffrey suggested a stop on Block Island for some refreshments.
In looking at the clock the team realized it was 4:00 PM. We had been having such a great experience on the boat it surprised us. It was 10 hours on the boat fulfilling our goals.
We pulled up to Champlin’s Marina, our host’s favorite spot for a break, where our bodies were still feeling the rolling waves of the ocean. We sat on the dock and enjoyed stories of the day thus far as we looked out onto our playground.
After a quick break the team wanted to get back on the Bite, so, we set out towards Point Judith, fishing one more spot successfully on our return to the Lewis home.
Having fished five different spots, we fulfilled our mission to catch fish and enjoy a day on the water.
12 hours and over 25 fish later, these healing waters sent us home with incredible memories and the drive to create more. Not to mention some awesome fresh fish tacos.