“We are the Squaw Valley Freestyle and Freeride Team, aka SquawFree, a non-profit foundation designed to instruct athletes in proper freestyle, freeride, and freeskiing techniques. Our coaching staff is certified to teach all areas of skiing, from fundamentals to the most advanced aerial maneuvers. The team trains everywhere at Squaw Valley, from the mogul course, to the park, the steeps and the groomers. 

We take pride in our program’s freeskiing foundation because we believe it helps our athletes to become stronger all-around-skiers. In an effort to encourage a well rounded program we also require all junior athletes to practice skiing moguls. Our philosophy stands that being a great skier means being able to rip the entire mountain, from top to bottom.

Young athletes who are interested in only freeskiing, and have no interest in building their freestyle and freeride skills are encouraged to explore some of the other ski teams that Squaw Valley has to offer.

Squaw Valley is a very unique place in that the expert terrain offered here is one of a kind. With new facets emerging in skiing, Squawfree has created a Freeskiing Team to complement our Freestyle and Freeride program. We have some of the best free skiers in the country coaching our program and their experience and knowledge is unsurpassed.

SquawFree is very proud to have produced several pioneers in the sport from World Cup Champions, to Olympians and US Ski Team Members. They are shining examples of what can be possible with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude!

Learn more at squawfree.org

Squaw Free
Squaw Free

The SquawFree team gets their dryland training in each week at the CR Johnson Healing Center. Check out the video below…


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