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The SENSIMAT for Wheelchairs is the first and only mobile application that wirelessly monitors wheelchair pressure and relief – Track. Relieve. Analyze.

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  • Breathing: It just happens automatically. The same can be said for shifting your position in a chair – when you are uncomfortable, your brain automatically signals for movement. However, for wheelchair users, relieving seat pressure is no longer an automatic process and if not counteracted through a strict pressure relief regimen, can potentially lead to health problems down the road.
  • Wheelchair users need to actively undergo pressure relief every 15 to 30 minutes by performing shifts, a lateral bend, forward lean, or vertical push-up. On top of all the other things that wheelchair users must deal with on a daily basis, pressure relief can fall by the wayside. This is where the SENSIMAT helps.
  • The SENSIMAT for Wheelchairs is a thin, wireless mat of pressure sensors that is inserted underneath a wheelchair cushion. The mat connects via Bluetooth to the SENSIMAT mobile app which allows 24/7 monitoring of the wheelchair cushion

Technical Features:

  • The SENSIMAT is fully customized to your wheelchair cushion(ie. 16 inches front to back, 18 inches left to right). The SENSIMAT is inserted directly underneath your wheelchair cushion and zipped up in the existing wheelchair cushion sleeve.
  • The SENSIMAT is comprised of the sensor hardware, the SENSIMAT mobile app, and the SENSIMAT web portal. The hardware is 1/2 an inch thick with strategically-placed force sensors contained by a medical-grade fabric. The hardware has an on/off switch and a micro-USB charging port, but is otherwise wireless.
  • The SENSIMAT sends the pressure data to a mobile app via Bluetooth. A proprietary algorithm on the app detects whether a wheelchair user is: in/out of the seat, leaning left, right, forward, or is lifting off the seat. As the user is seated, visual indicators will turn from green to yellow and then red after the user-adjusted time has elapsed (ie. 15/30 minutes). User managed alerts (ie. vibrate, ring) are provided at each change. If a relief movement is detected, the sensor colors are reset to green and the relief type is logged in the dashboard. The mobile app syncs with our server, where we store 3.6 million data points/user/week.
  • SENSIMAT data can be accessed through the mobile app dashboard, or through the web portal.

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