High Five Marty’s Café in Truckee!

The High Fives Foundation would like to thank Marty’s Cafe for providing lunch for High Fives x Squaw Alpine’s Military to the Mountains program, which included 10 military veterans.

M2M Day Three on Snow 3.30.16-7
High Fives x SquawAlpine Military to the Mountains Program skiing with Achieve Tahoe

What happens when you put comfort food in the hands of a world-class chef? Marty’s Café is your answer! Marty’s Cafe is evolving and bringing to you fresh, home-style and unique options. With diversified kitchen Chefs bringing a plethora of experience and talent, you will find Marty’s Cafe to be the place you get your Sunday brunch, your quick midweek sandwich or a unique and ever-changing dinner menu.

Learn More about Marty’s HERE

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