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High Five and Thank you Truckee River Winery for your $1,000 donation!

THE HIGH FIVES NON-PROFIT FOUNDATION WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU TO the Truckee River Winery (TRW)! TRW HAS BEEN A SUPPORTING MEMBER OF THE FOUNDATION THROUGH winter and summer events including, wine and ice and the longest running bocce ball tournament in the Tahoe Area. Thank you TRWW!

In 1989, Russ and Joan Jones began making wine in their 2-car garage in Sierra Meadows (a suburb of Truckee). For 9 years they made great wine for their friends and family in the area, and decided to expand. They moved the winery into a two story barn on the Truckee River, where they could make 1,000 cases, with the help of their daughter and friends. Four years ago they opened a tasting facility, so that locals and visitors of Truckee could come and enjoy their wine and hard work.  They continue to become a fun, high quality winery dedicated to preserving the local environment and providing a quality product for locals and tourists alike.
The Truckee River Winery was established 26 years ago with the vision of sourcing quality grapes, bringing the fruit to Truckee in order to take advantage of the high elevation and cold temperatures to naturally cool the fermentation and slow down the barrel aging process. Thus becoming the highest and coldest winery. Their focus from the beginning has been to produce handcrafted wines with great structure and finesse. Their award winning Pinot Noir is the winemaker’s pride and joy.
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