“It will never be the same, but, it is going to be awesome”

On October 5th, 2014 #HighFivesAthlete Lindsey Runkel fractured her T5 and 6 vertebrae, damaging her spinal cord causing paralysis from the middle of the chest and below in a mountain biking accident. Two years later we are celebrating life and opportunity!

“I would be nothing without the people I have in my life. I would be nothing without my #CornerCompound family for helping me maintain the shred, the High Fives Foundation for constantly supporting my every endeavor despite how crazy they can be, @teambelieve923 for showing me that boundaries are meant to be broken and that passion, compassion, and hard work can take you farther than you could ever imagine, and everyone else who has helped me in any way– big or small — to keep living the most incredible life despite a slight setback. Can’t wait to see what years to come have to offer.” – #HighFivesAthlete Lindsey Runkel


Lindsey Runkel has been awarded multiple Empowerment Grants from the High Fives Foundation to help aid in her recovery from a life-altering injury she sustained in a mountain biking accident. She was attempting a 15-foot drop on her downhill bike when the accident occurred. Runkel landed slightly forward on her bike and hit a rut in the dirt causing her to be thrown over the bars. She fractured her T5 and 6 vertebrae, damaging her spinal cord causing paralysis from the middle of the chest and below.

At the time of her injury, Runkel was given a prognosis of a complete spinal cord injury, but through hard work and lots of physical therapy with the program at Journey Forward in Boston, Mass., she has been able to gain back some sensation and motion.

“I want to be able to adventure and travel like I used to without the limitation that a spinal cord injury can cause,” Runkel told the High Fives Foundation in her request for support.

Roy Tuscany, Executive Director of the High Fives Foundation, said, “There isn’t a ceiling on Lindsey’s recovery with her work ethic. She has a positive attitude and puts forth 110% effort.”

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