Tony Schmiesing on the Power of Partnership and Pursuing Dreams as an Adaptive Skier

In the video, Tony Schmiesing from Berkeley, California, talks about his lifelong love for skiing, surfing, and skating, which he describes as part of his DNA. He shares how he found his skiing partners, Brian and Roy Tuscany through a chance encounter and how their partnership has been invaluable to him. Tony explains that skiing is expensive, and High Fives, a non-profit organization that supports injured athletes, has been instrumental in helping him achieve his dreams. He talks about his desire to ski in Alaska and how the experience of skiing powder again was indescribable. Tony expresses his gratitude for finding someone like Brian, who shares his vision and passion for skiing, and who helped him achieve his dream of skiing in a half pipe, heli skiing in Alaska, and Palisades Tahoe. Tony concludes by saying that he feels lucky to have been able to pursue his dreams and have them come to fruition, exactly as he had envisioned them.