The Unstoppable Spirit of a Plane Crash Survivor | #HighFivesAthlete Karen Trolan


The Unstoppable Spirit of a Plane Crash Survivor, #HighFivesAthlete Karen Trolan‘s new book!

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Karen Trolan is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She is a warrior, an inspiration, and a hero. By reading her book we can all learn about overcoming the impossible, through faith and endurance. I love this woman for who she is and what she has accomplished. Her book, I CAN DO IT! is an inspirational must-read.

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Be Inspired! Facing daily challenges and adversity, this is a story of one woman’s courage and determination as she navigated multiple lifetime injuries. Karen calls her journey one of “pushing through” adversity.

Pilots rarely survive small-plane crashes. Karen Trolan, a real estate manager in the San Francisco Bay Area and mother of three, was piloting her family’s Cessna out of the Truckee airport near Lake Tahoe on Labor Day Weekend eight years ago when the plane crashed. In a moment, her life changed. She became a paraplegic.

Karen Trolan is a fighter, survivor, teacher and friend. After a horrifying crash she continues to define courage and passion and has the ability to change people’s lives with her will power and love. Amazing lady!

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Recovering from horrific injuries, Karen hopes to inspire others, since she discovered that “she can still do it”. In spite of being a paraplegic, she continues to be a Broker Associate and a leader in real estate; and she actively volunteers with the local disaster aid response team, ski patrol, Girls on the Run, coaching soccer, and teaching first aid. Karen adaptively still does martial arts, water skis, snow skis, rides horses, kayaks, swims and more. Karen calls her journey one of “pushing through” adversity.

It’s a tale of trauma and its antidote: the creation of regimens of physical therapy, medical treatments, adaptive sports, and travel to recapture the joys of Karen’s earlier life. “The ability to give back to others by helping and teaching also inspires me to work hard every day,” says Karen. She is grateful that she was able to return to every one of the teaching and mentoring roles in the work world and her volunteer activities before the crash.

Karen is uniquely gifted with determination and grace, to not just live but to thrive and to inspire all those around her. Now her story will bring hope and inspiration to the thousands that read her captivating journey following a life-changing plane crash.

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