High Fives 2020 East Coast Bike Day

We are proud to continue to support Adaptive athletes across the country!

Getting to run one mountain bike camp in a week is really great but getting to run two separate mountain bike camps on different sides of the country in one week is very special. We ran our second day of the Northstar epic Promise bike camp on the 17th of September, and a Camp at Killington Vermont, five days later.


We were lucky enough to get three amazing adaptive riders out on the trails.  Athletes Keenan Weischedel  and Maxwell Elles are locals and made the short trip to the resort, while High Fives CEO and Founder Roy Tuscany was in Vermont for the High Fives golf tournament and jumped on the opportunity to ride his home state. 

With the support of Killington Resort and POWDR corporation we were able to provide these athletes with a full day of riding. The whole staff at the resort was incredibly accommodating to our needs, and the trail crew provided the ideal set up for the riders to rip it up! 

Keenan has been spending lots of time on his bike and it showed in a big way. He was riding fast with so much control and style. Flowing the rough sections and absolutely crushing the berms. It was impressive to see him ride to say the least. 


we have been fortunate to have known Max Elles for many years now. We were able to get to know him when he initially became injured when we supported his recovery, and we knew what to expect from the young man. HE showed up incredibly grateful and took the time to thank everyone who helped throughout the day. Max has had an amazing recovery after breaking his L-1 vertebrae in 2012. He has been able to transition from a wheelchair to walking upright. He rode his mountain bike with the ability of an experienced fully able-bodied rider.

High Fives Program COORDINATOR, Dani Trujillo, was there to ride and was very blown aWAY by Max and Keenan’s ability. 

The Third adaptive rider was the one and only Roy Tuscany. Roy has found such a strong passion for riding his bike. It was no surprise that he would be getting as many laps as possible and having the most fun on the way down. His love for riding really shines through and makes it impossible for anyone around to not be having a great time.  His ability on the bike has progressed so much in the last year, seeing him ride, you would never know that he sustained a spinal cord injury.

Biking at Killington was so rad! I could barely keep up with Keenan. He was sending it down the mountain. Seeing Max ride a bike without any pause or hesitation was amazing. Both Athletes committed to the mountain and a day of riding without holding back. There is nothing better than flying down a run with your friends and this day of biking at Killington showed just that.


It was a really great day, and we would like to extend a huge Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. Thank you to Killington resort and POWDR Corporation for providing help support, lift tickets, and rentals.

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