Woodward Tahoe Father & Son Adaptive Shred Day

Kate Abraham // Elevated Image

Professional Biker Paul Basagotia was feeling it, Dropping in!

It is really hard to think of a day that is better than beautiful California weather, amazing friends and family, and bikes. Boreal and WoodWard Tahoe provided the perfect environment to make this happen. 

To say it was an All-star crew would be an understatement, it included 3 Paralympians, a professional mountain biker, High Fives founder and CEO, as well as High Fives Athlete Jason Abraham and his wife and Son, Ebbett. 

The crew was fortunate enough to be able to connect with Paralympic snowboarders Evan Strong and Keith Gabel who happened to be in the area. They had been spending lots of time on their bikes and were more than eager to get out and shred some great trails. Five-time Paralympian Alana Nichols was able to get out on the hill and ride thanks to the new High Fives Bowhead mountain Bike.

Scott Bike Athlete Paul Basagotia, High Fives Founder Roy Tuscany, and Jason Abraham were fully embracing the day as well. 

The trails at Boreal Woodward were perfect for everyone. The access road from the bottom allowed those with E-Bikes to avoid the chairlift entirely and ride straight to the top. Once at the top the trails were wide enough for the wheelchair bikers to be able to rip just as well as the stand-up riders. 

Kate Abraham // Elevated Image
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Throughout the day air High Fives were had, jumps were hit, berms railed. It was an amazing day and everyone went home with a big smile on their faces. This event would not be possible  without the hospitality and trails of Woodward Boreal Tahoe.


We are looking forward to being able to ride this amazing location again! 

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