Wufky Crosby receives third annual Burlington Award

Thank you, Team Carson! 

We have been incredibly fortunate to spend time with the Burlington family over the last 3 years. There are so many amazing things to say about this family. It is abundantly clear that the Burlington family is very close and incredibly caring and generous. 

After the tragic passing of Carson Burlington in 2017, The Burlingtons became involved in High Fives. Over the last three years, they have honored the memory of their son and brother and his love for snowboarding, helping and connecting with people by providing one High Fives Athlete with a fully funded sit-ski each year.  

Even though 2020 was a tough year, the Burlingtons were insistent on continuing this legacy. They were determined that they would make sure to help someone return to the mountains and make sure that a High Fives Athlete could go out and ski with their friends again. That’s what Carson would want. 

After looking at applications, the Burlingtons decided that this year the Sit ski grant would go to New High Fives Athlete Wufky Crosby. 

Wufky was injured on September 1st, 2019, in the Nevada desert.  He had purchased a vehicle with a few friends and was teaching them advanced driving maneuvers. At the end of the day, while performing a Rockford turn (also known as a “reverse-180” or a “J Turn”), the passenger front tire went flat, and the rim dug into the dirt, causing the vehicle to roll. During the roll the roof smashed down on top of Wufky, injuring his C2 vertebrae and T3 vertebrae.

He spent a week at the Carson Tahoe hospital before being transferred to Reno’s Renown hospital. He spent three more days under observation at the neurological unit before being moved to the Renown Rehabilitation Hospital.  While there, he learned of the High Fives Foundation. 

Wufky (3)
Wufky was determined not to let his new injury take away his passions, so he started researching groups and organizations to help him get back on the slopes. 
He purchased an old monoski off eBay shortly after his injury and got out on the slopes with friends. He was able to pick up the new sport quickly.  Wufky progressed past what his second-hand sit-ski was able to handle within the year. He was thrilled to be back out on the snow. His equipment was the new limiting factor.
Wufky Applied for the September 2o2o grant cycle for partial funding for a Dynacces Sit ski. We are very excited to announce that through the amazing generosity of the Burlington family and the Carson Burlington Memorial fund, we will be seeing Wufky out on the Snow this winter in his brand new Fully funded Dynaccess sit-ski. 
Having limited funds available he found it very difficult to get the equipment he needed to ride  I believe that working with the High Five Foundations, I can better accomplish the goals to push this sport forward and help show that disabilities shouldn’t hold people back from pursuing their passions. -Wufky Crosby

 Previous Sit skis recipients through the Carson Burling memorial fund  Mike Pingatore and Quinn Brett have gone on to do amazing things, and we know that Wufky will be no different. 

From the entire High Fives Staff and Athletes, We would like to extend a huge thank you and massive hug to the whole Burlington Family. Your generosity and support goes such an amazingly long way for the Foundation. Thank you

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