2019 SAN CLEMENTE SURF CAMP | Tyler Turner


Tyler Turner, who grew up in Alberta Canada, is an experienced surfer. By his own account, he surfs “between 100-150 days per year” in Tofino, British Columbia, where he currently resides. 

Tyler was a late addition to the High Fives Foundation San Clemente Surf Camp recommended by Adaptive Training Foundation’s (ATF) David Vobora. Tyler did anything but disappoint.
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Today was so fun. It wasn't huge, but there was an amazing right that I was able to catch time and time again.

gleamed Tyler

Tyler is currently enrolled in the nine-week training program at ATF and was called right before the camp to attend. He was excited to join the crew, but he was even more excited to share space in the water with another ATF graduate –  Trevor Kennison.

Trevor blew my mind today. I watched him come into a close out section, and in mid-air he ripped his seatbelt off so that he wasn't strapped to his board!

said Tyler

Tyler grew up surfing and post-injury plans to continue surfing and snowboarding in the winter. He is an adrenaline junky, and a perfect fit for the High Fives Foundation San Clemente Surf Camp. 
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I plan to get to get to the Waco surf park before I’m done with ATF. That’ll be my next surfing experience.

said Tyler

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