Muc-Off Presents 2022 Return to Dirt California


Jackson Meadows, CA

12 athletes, 6 first-time UTV Drivers

BRAAAP BRAAAAP… That is the sound that cracks the serenity of the beautiful Tahoe forest as RZRs throw roosts of dirt 20 feet into the air.

These @canamoffroad X3’s are not the only ones in the area, but they are the only ones that are driven without the use of the drivers legs.

For the third year in a row, High Fives Foundation Return to Dirt camp has taken over the backroads outside Truckee, California. The purpose of this camp is simple. Get Athletes into high-powered vehicles, let them meet like-minded Athletes and build their community, and most importantly, get them somewhere they have never been, exploring the beauty of the outdoors.

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Meet the Athletes

The Return to Dirt camp was a game-changer to say the least. As a wheelchair user, uneven terrain can be extremely difficult to navigate and often is the limiting factor for participating in outdoor activities. The Return to Dirt camp completely flipped this notion on its head. Terrain immediately became an afterthought. Leaving my wheelchair behind and ripping down mountain trails was an indescribable, and honestly, transcendent experience. It definitely gave me a whole new perspective on what is possible. Reuniting with old friends and making a bunch of new ones was the icing on the cake. All in all, it was a pretty sweet day

Ajay Shenoy 

High Fives Athlete #263

R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-161
R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-154

Yessssss thank you all so very much! I definitely achieved my goal that day. My face hurts from smiling so much! It was so nice to be away from my wheelchair and cruising in the mountains and being so present.
I especially enjoyed getting to know all the athletes and volunteers. So truly blessed Return to dirt joined with Highfives. You all know how to make memories that pierce the heart with a smile!
Much love!!!

Ricci Kilgore 

High Fives Athlete #119

Thank you guys for the amazing time! Another life changing experience for sure! I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.Return to dirt changed my life and whole perspective on what’s possible dude. I honestly thought that rush and freedom was gone. I need one of those machines and I’m wanting to start some type of fundraiser to help.

Nick Harris

High Fives Athlete #406

R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-34
R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-160

This camp was extra special to me because of how many first-time experiences we had. We had 6 first-time utv drivers, this was the first time we got to use the Maverick X3’s that CanAm sent us, and the first Tahoe Camp since the Return to Dirt program was integrated into High Fives. The whole trip really did embody the meaning of GROWTH in all facets. This camp was a giant success!

Tim Burr 

High FIves Athlete #78 and Founder of Return to Dirt

R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-11
R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-35
R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-61
R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-70
R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-95
R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-87
R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-52
R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-51
R2D 2022 Tahoe Max Quality-137