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The Arcade Belt Program

#highfivesathlete Austin Hunt takes a walk through the woods for his fourth belt goal!

Goal #4: Be able to walk/hike on more uneven surfaces.

Even though this past summer may have been shorter than others, due to the long and heavy winter of 2018/2019, there was still plenty of time to get out in the backcountry and smash some summer belt goals. Austin planned to be able to hike on more uneven surfaces than he was used to, and he did it in the best style possible!

I was finally able to make the hike up to Phelps lake! My family came to visit and I wanted to show them this spot.

Austin on his hike up to Phelps Lake

The walk to Phelps Lake is a classic day hike in Wyoming, a distance of 2.4 miles car to car. Austin suffered a C4 spinal cord injury at nearby Jackson Hole, but that injury hasn’t stopped him from enjoying the place that caused his injury. He brought his family to the area to show them the beauty that the Tetons have to offer.


The Arcade Belt Program


The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals. Similar to a karate belt system, athletes move through the ranks when they complete goals they set for themselves and receive a belt with stars corresponding to the goal number they accomplish.


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