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The Arcade Belt Program

#highfivesathlete Jordan Anderson rips singletrack for his first belt goal!

Goal 1: Be back out riding the trails on an adaptive mountain bike.


With winter quickly approaching, the windows of time to do our more “summer” activities is closing. Some of us may already be breaking out our ski gear and packing away our bikes, but not Jordan.

Jordan experienced his injury while preparing for an enduro bike race. The Coeur D’Alene Enduro Bike Race is a 2 day race, and upon completing day one, Jordan was feeling great. He wanted to test out the finishing jump line on the morning of day two in preparation for the day. Unfortunately, he carried too much speed through this section and over shot the jump. Being the athlete he is, Jordan did all he could in the air to land as safely as possible, but gravity doesn’t care about your skill set.


Jordan didn’t let that stop him. Since his injury he has gotten back out on a bike and it looks FUN! With the help of Craig Hospital’s Therapeutic Recreation program, Jordan biked out in Bend, Oregon. With some snow on the ground, the dirt was tacky and forgiving, making for an amazing day out with friends.

I’ve ridden adapted bikes a handful of times before this but this one knocked those out of the park!

Jordan on his weekend in Bend, OR

With goal one accomplished, Jordan has his eyes set on goal number two. We can’t wait to see what he does, and when he crushes it, you’ll be hearing it right here!


The Arcade Belt Program


The Arcade Belt Program was put in place to provide our athletes with a system for setting goals. Similar to a karate belt system, athletes move through the ranks when they complete goals they set for themselves and receive a belt with stars corresponding to the goal number they accomplish.


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