Congratulations #HighFivesAthlete Michael Schwarz for presenting #HelmetsAreCool to more than 1,000 students!

Thank you Mike for presenting more B.A.S.I.C.S. presentations for the High Fives Foundation to 4 third grade classes!


In March 2009, while attending his senior year at University of Vermont, #HighFivesAthlete Mike Schwarz suffered a traumatic brain injury while competing in a quarter pipe championship. Mike was in a coma for many weeks and spent the next year in a rehab hospital recovering in the gym, the pool and the recumbent bike. Mike has gained back most of his living skills and is enjoying growing his custom sock business, El SchwarEZ Designs. You might also remember Mike from High Fives BASICS Documentary #helmetsarecool! Since #helmetsarecool aired 4 years ago, Mike has presented the documentary to over 1,000 students!

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